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Reducing Paper Costs and Leaving a Healthy Mark on the Earth

As time goes on the effects of global warming only grow clearer, to counter this Toshiba has released a brand new multi-function printer, the Toshiba es3508LP. Complete with both black ink, that most offices have gotten accustomed to, and a distinctive erasable blue that gives the printer a peculiar advantage that other printers may lack.
Not only can the printer type at a pace of 35 pages of printed text per minute, but its unique erasable toner can also be reused on a single page up to 5 times, greatly reducing paper costs and also leaving a healthy mark on the earth for years to come. Furthermore, the device comes with a superb touch screen along with an embedded web browser that is nearly fully customisable and exceedingly easy to use. Along with these already impressive characteristics, the product also has outstanding security measures with a self-encrypting hdd and optional security functions for IEEE2600.2 compliance. 

Seamless Usability

To compliment the low carbon emissions and the economical manner of the products they come with a built-in app that displays you general statistics and the amount of paper you saved. Another feature is the different types of wireless printing which greatly improve the accessibility of the device, these include Multi Station Print, cloud printing and mobile printing. Multi Station Print, as it indicates in the name, lets you send print commands from your computer and retrieve the printed documents at any MFP they have authorisation to. Cloud printing involves the storage of your documents on a cloud giving you access to them no matter the location, the es3508LP's embedded apps  allow documents to be printed from Microsoft OneDrive, Google Drive and Dropbox or alternatively, to send the documents directly to the printer.
Lastly, mobile printing permits you to print from your phone, with an optional module that allows the user to wirelessly connect to the MFP via bluetooth or the WiFi features.

Take It To the Next Level

To add to the previously discussed features Toshiba has an upgraded version of the es3508LP, the es4508LP which has a bigger touchscreen, an upgraded speed of 45 pages of printed text per minute in black ink making it sit comfortably above the recommended range of 20-40 ppm that most offices use.
In conclusion, Toshiba's es3508Lp and es4508LP printers make for a great choice for both office and home use with its great economical advantages to other printers and its eco-friendly features that give it a pedestal among printers found today. Contact our friendly team to learn more!

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