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In every business, there is a set of technologies that make the workflow productive. It maintains the flow of information through the departments. Machines like printers are indispensable and available in almost any office in Australia. But are these printers giving enough efficiency to your company? The more outdated a printer is, the more expenses you may incur, so it is crucial to check if your printer has certain must-have features to increase its ROI. 
But before we look at these features, it is vital to review how printers make your company thrive and stay on top of its game. This article will help you know the bottlenecks of your current printer or whether you need a new one altogether. So, shall we? 

How Printers Benefit Your Company

Your company is guaranteed to get lots of perks when you use a professional printer fleet for daily activities. Having an in-house printer solution will bring more benefits to your company in the medium and the long run. Here are some of those benefits of buying a professional printer. 
Short waiting periods. If you own a printer, it is easy to take up orders and complete them on time. Outsourcing can take more time as the item must be shipped, printed, and then shipped back. 
Simplified workflow. The modern professional printers that we have today are more efficient and easier to use than older models. They require little time to set up and can run by themselves. Commercial printers also have faster speeds and accuracy. If your company has a high demand for printing services, owning such a device makes workflow easier and more efficient. 
High-quality printing. One of the main drawbacks of outsourcing printing services is that you can’t know what you are getting until it is shipped. All printing companies will claim to offer “top-notch printing services,” but in reality, they are using outdated equipment. Professional printers will produce rich colours on almost all types of materials. Also, since you own an inkjet printer, you can control what you print and monitor the final product.  
Naturally, when a company buys a machine such as a printer, they are guaranteed to enjoy better ROIs than those who outsource printing services.  
Here are the top three printer features which will increase your company’s return on investment in the long run. 

1. Multifunction

A multifunction printer is not a new name in this corporate realm. However, the professional printer has refined its features to meet today’s demanding needs. 
So, what does a multifunction printer do?
A multifunction printer can do a lot of tasks, from faxing to copying and everything in between. It is a great feature for small businesses as it helps them with limited faxing needs. It is an ideal addition to startups with limited faxing or scanning abilities, bringing up more functions to the company. It is better than a standalone printer as it reduces the costs, hence a better return on investment in the long run. 
Also, since you are using one printer for several functions, it saves the space needed to connect individual scanners and fax machines in the workstations. Multifunctional printers have features that reduce administrative tasks. 

2. Network connectivity

Network connectivity is one feature all printers must have. The printer connects to a network through ethernet or WiFi without connecting to a server. Using a network printer allows medium and large businesses to connect to different printers and use them simultaneously. So, if one needed to print a file to another office, you don’t need to send a person to the particular office. 
As long as you can access the network printer in various offices, scalability is available. You can add more printers connected to the same network. For instance, if you need different printers, you have to plug into various places and connect them to the same network. 
Printing via WiFi means you can connect any device other than a printer and print what you need at your convenience. You can connect with mobile devices, tablets, and others. Apps like iPrint allow you to connect these devices to the printer. This should also come with the ability of the printer to share to multiple devices. 
The benefits of network printers are many and help a company match up to trends and instances where techy stuff is required. 

3. Laser printing

Laser printing is ideal for your company because it is cheaper in the long run and able to work on bulk orders. It is best suited for office printing work such as handouts, cover sheets, letters, meeting notes, and more. While the cost of laser printers is higher as compared to inkjet, it will be cheaper to use it after a while. Inkjet printers, for instance, need replacement of inks and regular maintenance to work at their optimal.
Laser printing is more durable with increased “duty cycles.” This means the ability to churn out large numbers of pages in a single sitting is higher than inkjet printers. Lasers can handle a larger volume size without maintenance or repairs. 

Other features

LCD screens in printers are indispensable as they allow you to track the printing process, hence reducing the risk of wastage. If the print is not as you want, you can stop the process even before it finishes the printing process. LCD also helps in troubleshooting because it will show you the issue on the screen. In older printers, you have to rely on flashing lights and colours to identify a problem. 
Compactness is also a nice feature that companies can help increase the return on investment at some point. Professional printers can be huge, and in some instances, you may be forced to set up a dedicated workstation for printing services. The smaller the printer, the better it is to save on space and any additional costs such as hiring personnel or renting out a new space. 
If you have a start-up company and maybe are unable to get a professional printer, you can consider managed printing services. Sometimes the cost of buying a printer is higher than your expected return on investment, so it makes sense to contact professional managed printing services. 

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