6 Features To Optimise The Use Of Your Printers

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6 Features to Optimise the use of your Printers

We all know that printers can print and scan documents or images. However, your multifunctional printers can do so much more than that. There are so many different functions that your printer has that you might not know about that could save you and your business, time and money.

Here are six features your printer has so you can optimise the full benefits of your multifunctional printers:

1. It can print from cloud apps.

Technology is always advancing and printing now is easier than ever. You are now able to print and scan to any printing device through the cloud system, eliminating print servers. Thus, increasing efficiency and also ensuring the security of the documents.

2. It can print from your mobile.

Most people are constantly on or near their mobile phones. You are now able to print from any printing device through an app, increasing efficiency, reducing costs and also ensuring document security.

3. It can keep your documents secure.

Have you ever printed sensitive documents and had to run to the printer so that no one else got a hold of it first? Well now you have the option to enable secure print release. This means that users must be at the printer for any documents to be released by using a card or a code given to them.

4. It can transform images into text.

Printers now have optical character recognition (OCR) which converts printed documents into digital text, allowing you to save and edit your documents. Some printers can also recognise your handwriting and is able to convert it into a document so you can save time not retyping everything you have written.

5. It can prevent paper jams.

When your printer has a problem, you have to wait for an IT technician to arrive, impacting the efficiency of your business. Most printer problems are caused by paper jams due to the paper thickness or weight. Your printer is now more reliable as it has an intelligent media sensor that measures paper type and thickness. This means that your printer can automatically adjust its own setting to prevent paper jams or misfeeds.

6. It can back up your data.

By leaving a USB drive or a memory card plugged in your printer, it can save all the documents that you scan. This way, if there is a system failure or virus, you don't need to worry about any documents being deleted or lost.

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