Renewing Your Managed Print Services

renewing managed print services

Most managed print service providers work under contractual agreements with time limits. Are you aware of the current contract status and relationship if you already have managed print services? Sometimes those who signed the initial contract may not be present at renewal, so the contracts get renewed without being questioned. In some instances, the company’s management can change, prompting a review and fresh renewal of contracts with service providers.

Managed print services play a huge role in your business's profitability, productivity, and efficiency. So, it is essential to ensure you have the right MPS provider every time your company needs to renew its contract. 


What Is A Managed Print Service?

A managed print service is a company that offers to manage and maintain your businesses’ print infrastructure and documents. The provider needs to be proactive when working on your printing needs so that there is no gap in the flow of daily SOPs. Also, a managed print service provider should do more than printing and look for solutions that help streamline your printing processes, such as workflow integrations, document scanning, and reporting.

The range of services that an MPS provider does is so wide that it differs from one company to the other. So, finding a consistent print services solution can be an issue. Even if you are already subscribed to an MPS, reviewing the contract agreement will help you decide when to renew the contract or change to a better provider.

Before renewing your MSP contract, ask yourself these questions:


Does your MPS provider offer hardware upgrades?

As the printing hardware (printers, photocopiers, etc.) age, they become less efficient and productive. This increases the cost of production as you’ll constantly be doing repairs to keep them running. Plus, the older models will have fewer available spare parts. Therefore, it is best to look for an MPS provider who’ll take care of your printing needs and check the conditions of your hardware. A high-quality support team will tell you when to replace old hardware.


Does your MPS provider offer insights and service reporting?

Printing can be costly in the typical business. In fact, a recent study shows that almost 90% of businesses don’t track their printing costs, which can be expensive. You can reduce printing costs by outsourcing an MPS provider who gives your business insights and monthly or weekly reports. By purchasing top-quality equipment with software that can track performance, you’ll be able to reduce costs without affecting productivity. You should opt for an MPS provider that analyses print spending and pinpoint areas where they can improve the process to save both money and the environment.


Do your print volumes satisfy your current needs?

An MPS contract may last anywhere from one month to a couple of years. Since the price is constant during this contract, your MPS may not be able to handle printing demand when your business grows. Your MPS provider should include a report to show whether you’re going under or over the contracted volume. If there is a big gap, you need to review your contract and adjust.

Sometimes, the provider may overestimate, and you might end up overpaying for printing services. Therefore, it is crucial to analyse these reports and see if they benefit your business’s bottom line.


Does your MPS offer support?

Just like in any service provider, support is key. The customer service team should be able to offer solutions and coordinate with the IT department, including internal stakeholders. A streamlined communication means that your business knows when to order new supplies and restock should there be any shortage.

Having a support team can reduce the burden of basic maintenance from the internal employees to have more time to do core activities. Your MPS provider should offer some level of support, so make sure you have some sort of access.


Does your MPS provider offer personalised services?

Printing needs vary from one company to the other. So, it is crucial to find a managed print service provider who can offer tailored printing services. For instance, an events company may need more printing services than a home cleaning firm. Your provider should take the first few days to learn and understand your business model and how much printing is required. They should also be able to know if you’re using too much printing material and find ways to automate the process, such as using digital products.

Your MPS provider should be giving the best solutions for your organisation. This includes adjusting their prices and services to fit your business model. Print equipment can cost hundreds of dollars, so a crucial part of your MSP’s role is to suggest what’s best for you. Typically, you want an MPS provider who won’t just create printing solutions for you but can also work towards transforming your business through cloud technology.


Does the service level agreement work for you?

Always try to read the initial service level agreement with your print service provider before renewing your contract. You need to know what the company had previously agreed to so that you can work on a better deal.

Did the provider handle routine maintenance? Will there be a service technician if your print equipment needs repairs? If so, how fast will the company take to respond?

Such questions will lead you to the proper path of ensuring your print solution is effective and reliable. The best companies are willing to discuss terms and see if they can adjust to your needs. If you can’t reach a common ground, you can consider other MPS providers. Always compare what you have with other providers and choose the one who understands your organisation and its goals.


Final Say: Don’t Feel Stuck With Your Current MSP Provider

If you need any assistance when choosing the right print service partner, don’t hesitate to contact us today. We offer unique and reliable managed print services with high-quality equipment and experienced staff. So call us today, and we’ll streamline your print process.


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