Managed Print Services

Managed Print Services

In today’s world, companies love being self-sufficient, and while it is a good move, most end up spending more on such services as printing. On average, in-house printing can cost up to 20% of the total expenditure.

Outsourcing managed print service removes print costs up to a fraction of what you’d normally use for printing. That said, a managed printing service eases this challenge and provides you with all you want at an affordable monthly fee, and that’s where we come in!

Our managed printing solutions in Australia are the fastest way to deal with office printing issues and provide your staff with an opportunity to be more efficient. We pride ourselves in top-notch printing suited for your company alone. Most business owners do not realise how consuming printing tasks can be as they can take up your capital, office space, and print infrastructure.

We offer personalised printing solutions that maximise your company’s efficiency and reduce your business money with quality prints. We take care of everything from ordering toners, servicing, printing equipment and fleet management. Our solutions automate everything, and you’ll never have to tend to a toner problem.

As a Managed Print Service provider, we manage your print fleet including printers, copiers and fax machines. This means that you will have less responsibility and typically an overall reduction in printing costs. We also provide printing strategies, software solutions, ongoing account management, IT support, as well as hardware optimisation and replacement.

sustainable printing solutions from TTBS

Most businesses do not prioritise their print management as they feel there are more important responsibilities to focus on. However, it is important to define a print strategy as printing costs can consume up to 25% of a company’s expenditure.

Reduce Costs With Managed Print Solutions
Reduce Costs
Raise Automation With Managed Print Solutions
Raise Automation
Reduce Waste Output with managed print solutions
Reduce Waste
Focus On Your Business Goals
Focus On Goals

Our service agreement includes all toner parts and consumables, as well as the ongoing maintenance of the device when needed. This allows our customers to focus on what they do best and leaves the burdens of running and maintaining their print equipment to us. We also provide 24/7 IT support/account management and access to the latest security to keep your sensitive data safe and secure.


Why Us?

We understand that all businesses grow at different rates. Thus, we are able to adjust and upgrade/downgrade your printing devices to meet your business needs as it grows or downsizes. We started as a managed print provider, so this is an area we know all too well. Let us sit down with you to get a better understanding of your current print solution and determine whether or not it’s adding value to your business.

Give Your Business Efficiency it Deserves

Making sure your systems and software are operating smoothly will boost the efficiency of your staff, and ensure that you can provide excellent services and solutions to your customers.