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Keep your IT infrastructure and business data safe from cyber threats. In today’s business realm, there is an influx of cyber attacks attempting to steal your data, breach your network, or destroy your IT infrastructure, which makes it crucial to have proper cyber security plans in place. 
Your business already has a lot going on, and you don’t have to involve yourself with endless programming and firewall codes that protect your data. Instead, get peace of mind with our comprehensive solutions that include cyber security measures and processes to keep your business safe. 
At TTBS, we focus on getting you end-to-end network security solutions made to help your business model specifically. Our processes involve an in-depth audit of your security system and IT infrastructure, identify gaps, and propose efficient methods. We are one of the leading cyber security companies in Australia.

Understand Your Cyber Security Risks

As mentioned, the first step to tackling cyber threats is to identify your attacker. Your company data, web portals, and programs are the driving force of your company’s digital space. We aim to help you understand the importance of these pillars and the risks that your company faces.
Cyber security attacks come in many forms, and it can be hard to know who to trust. While most threats come from individuals who want to steal your money, attacks can also come from corporations, clients, competitors or former employees. We have discovered the most common cyber security attacks to be: 
DNS Tunneling 
Denial of Service

Eliminate Your Cyber Security Risks

Now that you understand how your business can be at risk of an IT attack, how do you prevent it? 
Well, there is no one single solution that covers cyber security as it is an ever evolving field that must be reviewed regularly. However, security experts at TTBS know very well that the approach to cyber security threats is comprehensive and cohesive, which is why we keep tabs even after putting the ideal measures in place. In addition, to make our prevention models effective, we use Essential 8 to guide us on IT strategies. 
If you haven’t heard of Essential 8, don’t worry. It is a set of security strategies made by the Australian Signals Directorate (ASD) that provides guidelines to ensure you implement the best IT security habits for your company. Since the guideline may be a bit complex to business owners, we have integrated all our cyber security solutions around the Essential 8 program to follow the necessary security protocols required by the Australian committee. 
This multi-layered approach is unique and perhaps the only way to combat cyber security attacks. We use this approach to all cyber security issues, and we have been successfully working as a managed cyber security provider over the past years in Australia. 

What Makes TTBS Cyber Security Experts Unique?

We have a dedicated team of experts who understand the risks involved in cyber security attacks. Our experts can reverse engineer any malware and any sensitive program applications to get valuable information that we can use to better our security measures. We also do vulnerability scans and PCI to assess risks for exploits and compliance violations. 
Our team helps defend your data 24/7 from threats using real-time security monitoring. We have an automated monitoring system that is consistently updated with robust software and hardware that allows us to operate during non-business hours. 
We help your business create risk management policies. Our risk mitigation solutions can assist in developing compliant policies so that your business is ready for anything that can come to you. 
No matter your business environment, we have all the tools and equipment to detect intrusions and threats. We can analyse various cyber incidents, escalate to necessary departments, monitor network traffic, or perform log management solutions. 

Our Network Security Solutions:

Cyber Security Consulting 

Our team assists in cyber security consulting services like identifying technical and business risks and proposes solutions. Security consulting comprises a number of tasks, including: 
Security implementation roadmaps
Security audits 
Training on security expectations 
Vulnerability assessments 

Network Security

There is a gradual rise in competitor and client-side attacks where your company’s networks get breached. It is crucial to identify such loopholes and get complex protection against them. At this point, simple antivirus software won’t be sufficient. Our cyber security firm offers next-gen firewall and protection for your networks with future-proof methods. Our firewall is available on a subscription model so that it is cost-effective for your business. Contact us on risk management consulting practice and information security. 

Endpoint Protection

Endpoints are commonly attacked with ransomware, and IT experts are busy finding solutions that can reduce it. We provide an array of state-of-the-art endpoint security solutions such as Sophos Advanced Endpoint Protection, Windows Defender, and FortiClient. 

Cloud Security

While companies are urged to save everything on the cloud, the result brings a bigger risk. The cloud can be a safe and space-cutting solution, but it can turn into a disaster without the right protection. Our cloud security strategies help you gain a smooth transition to the cloud with hybrid cloud models- a good reason why we are one of the top cybersecurity companies in Australia.

Email Security

Secure your emails with our robust solution as it has become clear that so many attacks are happening through email breaches. Attackers are stealing important in-house communication channels to either destroy the company’s reputation or steal sensitive data. Additionally, our system detects ransomware attacks, zero-delay attacks, spam, and impersonations.
Today’s online environment is changing at rocket speeds, and more cyber attacks are happening by the hour. Since it is inevitable to prevent breaches, cyber security has become a necessity in the business market. With proper security management strategy, detection, and response, companies can minimize the risk of attacks. And that's where our cyber security consultants come in.
Top Cyber Security Providers In Australia
Keep your business out of harm’s way with our managed security services. We detect and prevent cyber attackers that use complex codes to avoid detection and keep your business running with less friction. Trust TTBS IT security services in Australia to help you achieve your business goals. Interested in finding out more about cyber security managed services? Contact us today or give us a phone call to get expert advice and quotes on managed cyber security services. 

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