Advantages Of E-Commerce For Businesses

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Advantages of E-Commerce for Businesses

Over the past few years, there has been a drastic incline in people browsing and purchasing products and services online. The transaction of people buying and selling products and services over the Internet is called e-commerce. According to IBISWorld, the online shopping industry in Australia market size is $32 billion with the average industry growth for the past five years is 17.3%. Evidently, it is important for businesses of all sizes to prioritise e-commerce in order to increase marketing opportunities to sustain the growth of the business.

Here are some advantages of why established merchants are relying on e-commerce as their main source of revenue:

1. Low Cost.

One of the biggest advantages of turning to e-commerce in comparison to a physical store is the cost reduction. This in turn also makes it cheaper for customers too. It is cheaper to run an e-commerce store as there are no upfront costs like rent, inventory or payroll. 

2. Quick and Easy.

Most people enjoy online shopping as it is quick and easy. They do not have to travel to the store and browse, but are able to scroll and purchase the desired products or services in a few clicks.

3. Customer Data.

By selling online, businesses are easily able to collect and aggregate customer data through their online interactions. They are able to use this data to develop a customer experience by keeping in touch with the customers after their purchase.

4. Content Marketing.

It is very important for businesses to build an online presence as they are able to create a personality through their brand. Websites are good to provide useful information about the business or the product or service being offered. Email marketing is another way for businesses to stay in touch with their potential or existing customers by sending updates about a new product or service or information about the business.

5. Social Media Marketing.

Social media is a useful tool to find new leads or to stay in touch with existing customers. Businesses are able to raise brand awareness through marketing campaigns distributed on social media such as LinkedIn, FaceBook, Twitter and Instagram. They are also able to create a personality through their brand to create or deepen a relationship with clients.

6. Search Engine Optimisation.

Most people using search engines to search for a desired product or service. By producing traffic from search engines, customers are able to click on a link to land on an e-commerce website that they are unfamiliar with. 


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