What Is Cloud Printing?

What is Cloud Printing?

Cloud printing services allow you to print from any web-connected device by routing print jobs between your computer, smartphone or tablet and sends them to an internet connected printer. It also allows users to quickly discover printers and print from their own device without the need to set up driver installations. When users in your company submit a print job, the Cloud service routes that job to the selected printer and formats it. Cloud printing works with both cloud ready printers or legacy printers, usually with the installation of a cloud print connector on the device.

Why should your customers consider cloud-printing technology?

1. You can manage your entire print infrastructure from the cloud.
Cloud services save cost and time while providing the latest and greatest technology and offering a much-needed modernization for many legacy IT functions. With that modernization comes a chance to consolidate disparate tools across the district to reduce IT support costs.

2. You can eliminate printer drivers.
Printing-as-a-service lets users easily connect from a school or personal device to the school district’s environment without needing IT support. No more testing, distributing, and updating printer drivers, which greatly reduces IT costs. With the right solution, users and printers no longer need to be on the same network, shielding internal systems from malicious intent and curiosity.

3. You can easily define print rules.
With just a few clicks, each group can enforce policies such as mandatory duplex printing, page limits, or access to color printing. Users are not confused by having to pick from a large pool of printers—they only see printers available to them.

4. You can manage users and groups flexibly.
The right cloud printing solutions can either connect to existing directory services or offer a simple web-based console for group users to segment required access levels by school, role, or function.

5. You can automate various functions.
Printing can easily rack up large, incalculable expenses across a district when the number of pages printed spirals out of control. With cloud printing, districts can easily define quotas for free pages for each user group and eliminate or charge for excess use. You can do this using internal billing systems or, if students are old enough, via credit card-funded student accounts.

6. You can ensure print security.
Cloud-managed printing offers security benefits, especially if your district is Bring Your Own Device. Because users and printers don’t have to be on the same network, your infrastructure is safe from malicious intent, accident, and curiosity. Air-tight rules, integrated billing, and comprehensive reporting are complemented by on-demand release. This allows staff and students to confirm they are physically at the printer to pick up their documents.

7. You can offer mobile printing out of the box.
Today’s students rely on mobile devices, so it is imperative that a printing solution supports mobile printing. Support should be offered for iOS, Android devices, Chromebooks, or any other device that can create or access content and run a web browser. All of these devices should have access to the same printers as teachers, administration, and students already have from a Mac or PC.

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