What is Smart-Managed Document?

Smart Managed Documents

You've seen it yourself.

The business world is shifting to digital-only communications.

Video conferencing, telephone conference, E-mail, SMS, webchat — it's easy to assume the role of documents. The digital aged promised paperless offices but it appears like we're drowning in more paper than ever.

Well, despite the spike in digital communications, few businesses run a paperless work environment, with many continuing to rely on printing to support business activities.

- "Many businesses still shuffle a ton of paper and it can become a nightmare."

As a solution, organisations are implementing smart-managed document solutions to provide document security, access control, centralised storage, audit trails, and streamlined search and retrieval.

However, one question brings everything into perspective:

What's Smart-Managed  Document?

A Smart-managed document is a system or process that captures, track and store documents in electronic format such as PDFs, digital images or Word Processing files of paper-based content.

This type of document management saves time and money by eliminating manual document handling.

Instead, a smart-managed system digitalises a paper document for quicker and easier archiving, retrieval and sharing across the organisation within a highly secure infrastructure.

These systems prove to reduce costs, improve productivity, and optimise workflow and more efficient information processing.

Is Smart-Managed Document Worth Your Penny?

Unlike paper documents, smart-managed documents do not require physical space. Instead, it allows your business to integrate disparate documents for greater control, access and process efficiency. This gives your business an edge in terms of:

- Information retrieval

- Security (because of managed print )

- Governance

- Lower operation cost

- Proper record management

How Do Managed Document Services Models Look Like?

For starters, smart-managed document solutions automatically scan every document that enters your business, then converts it into an electronic file (PDF,  Word document, or image file), and route it to the right destination.

The documents can be:

- Invoices

- Contracts

- Purchase orders

- CVs

- Patients records

- Memo

- Or any other business document

Traditionally, handling document requires you to print out every document, walk through every office to distribute and store them manually.

Smart managed document solutions change everything. It saves your company on paper and time.  The solutions eliminate the massive time suck you'd spend to search the right file in an archive.

With a smart-managed document, you can manage all the company's files in the database.

How is Smart Document Management Possible?

Smart managed document solutions are usually possible through a combination of hardware and software that capture your documents, distributes, and output to improve the productivity of your staff.

When your business receives a document, someone will feed it into a machine that scans it and convert it into a pdf and can send it to the right destination in the company. The destination can be:

- Email

- The cloud

- Corporate back-end database


- A folder

That way, a Smart-managed document reduces printer fleet costs and manage document workflow.

You'll solve common document management challenges with:

- Template for new document types (our systems uses AI-enabled capture services that eliminate the need for templates)

- Sensitive data management (some of our devices have tools to flag protected data to be redirected or redacted)

How Smart Managed Document Solutions  Benefits Your Business

Smart-managed documents improve all elements of your document workflow in a fully customised solution to drive efficiency and make a real difference to the productivity of your business while saving space to any size organisation.

What your business achieve with smart-managed documents solutions:

- End-to-end archives (you can retain historical data securely without taking much physical space. )

- Acceptance (The system integrates with laser readers  with archiving unit registration and barcode generation)

- Archiving retention period management (You can select  the lifespan of each document from its creation to preservation in the archive)

- Archive logistics ( you'll have a complete storage mapping)

- Handling (you can set complex document workflow based on several different variables like the type of claim and location of the incident)

- Document digitisation (Converting paper-based content into electronic documents such as PDFs, Word processing files, or digital images for easy access, sharing, and archiving)

- Material search (digitalisation of paper-document gets rid of the massive time suck when searching for the right file)

- Improved productivity (as the solution eliminates walkarounds, which is usually the case when distributing paper documents)

Go the Custom-Tailored Way

Ensure that print and document management play a fully-integrated role in the broader workflow of your business without spending a fortune.

It doesn't matter your industry — retail, healthcare or government — we'll get you managed document services solutions that specifically work for your needs.

We understand that every business is different, so we carefully establish the best business configuration for your organisation.  As Total Technology, we'll help you perfect the process at the heart of your business.

Precisely you'll get:

- Smart Managed Page Services (We identify the print requirement of your business and recommend the right printing device, no matter the industry).

- Smart-managed print services (this entails a print optimisation and management service, installing the right device in the right palace to improve productivity and cost-efficiency in the workplace).

- Smart Managed document services (it streamlines the document workflow of a business by removing labour intensive manual paper handling through the digitisation of documents)

We Do It Differently

Your business is not a joke.

You can't afford to throw dollar bills to some "experts" (while crossing your fingers and praying for a perfect replacement for the labour-intensive manual paper document).

You need hungry perfectionists that do it all differently. We:

- Shoulder the heavy-management task of your current equipment and software to ensure it serves you efficiently and for long

- Provide you with new hardware and software (if your business needs it) so that you get the most from smart document management

- Dig deep to find your business's need, then drill down hard until the smart managed document solution we'll offer you becomes a no-brainer

The productivity of your business depends on your office systems. We'll offer managed print solutions that maximise your company's efficiency and save you on time and money.

Contact us for excellent print and document solutions.



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