4 Reasons To Upgrade Your MFP


4 Reasons To Upgrade Your MFP

Many businesses replace their printers every few years, but only when it starts to become less efficient or malfunction, causing workload to backlog. However, there are many reasons why businesses should upgrade their multi-functional printers, even when they are working perfectly fine.

Here are 4 reasons why it is vital for firms to replace their printers:

1. Lower costs.

Due to the fact that newer machines operate more efficiently, the cost per copy would decrease. Older printers also require frequent maintenance leading to high printer repair and service costs. Moreover, the costs of operating the old printing devices begin to increase due to ink and toner cartridge expenses. This is due to older printers using more ink and toner than newer machines.

2. Better quality.

Over time, printing quality starts to deteriorate, becoming blurry, faint or inconsistent meaning it's time to purchase a new printing device. Furthermore, there are always new technological advancements, thus, new printers would have new features to keep up with demand.

3. Less maintenance.

By upgrading your MFP, the new hardware would allow employeess to print more efficiently and as a result, increase productivity for your business.

4. Improved security.

New devices would have improved security to ensure that company data is safe from cyber threats.There are new features like password protected scanning, authentication and print encryption to allow employees to print out sensitive documents without anyone else getting their hands on it first.

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